Tunisia, officially called the Republic of Tunisia, extends farther north than any other country in Africa. Both northern and eastern Tunisia border the Mediterranean Sea. This country, with a total area of 163.610 sq. km, is one of the most ancient political entities in the Maghreb region. The nations capital is Tunis.

Tunisia is one of those exceptional countries that displays, over a relatively short distance, an incredible variety of landscapes : emerald green hills, fine sandy beaches, wide fertile valleys, steppe plateaus, deserts. 

There are as many different ways of life as there are different types of scenery. This colourful country has modelled its people to its own image.

Tunisia has a mediterranean climate in the north and a desert climate in the south. Average temperature of 11,4°C in December and 29,3°C in July. (Tunis : 400 mm of rain per year, Sfax : 196 mm.)
We find forests in the north, olive trees in the centre, date palms in the south.