Star Wars was filmed here.  

This is the original place where  director George Lucas and his crew filmed the sequence from Luke and Darth Vader’s childhoods on the Planet Tatooine.
It had the name Mos Espa, a town on the planet Tatooine.
The film sets remain an important part of Tunisian heritage today.
Ksar Hadada
The actor Mark Hamill, who plaed Luke Skywalker, acknowledged that Tunisia felt as remote as the fictional world it portrayed in Episode IV: A New Hope (1977).
If you could get into your own mind, shut out the crew and look at the horizon, you really felt like you were transported to another world,” he recalled.
"I really was in a galaxy far, far away.
Initially George Lucas wanted the planet to be called Utapau.Later he named it after the city of Tataouine, which he used as a base to reach nearby sets. 
Ksar Hadada
The old quarters of Ksar Hadada are an example of how tourism can save valuable parts of our past. The ksar is walled, with the entrance from the modern village of Ksar Hadada. 

Ksar Hadada

If you continue straight in from the gate, you will come to the unused parts of the ksar. The structures have uncovered and unpainted facades.