Bizerte is the oldest city in Tunisia and the northernmost city in Africa.
It lies along the Mediterranean coast.
Bizerte is the least Tunisian, and the most French, city in Tunisia.
Bizerte is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in Tunisia.

Bizerte is the oldest city in Tunisia

The outer harbor of the city is connected by canal with two   harbors - the Bay of Sebra and the Lake of Bizerte. Olives are grown in the surrounding region. The lake contains valuable fisheries. Refined petroleum, fish products, flour, and olive oil are manufactured.

Bizerte was first occupied by colonists from the Phoenician capital Tyre. The town later became a Roman colony, but after the 7th century AD it was held by the Arabs. Following 1881, when France seized Tunisia and made it a protectorate, the French dredged channels and canals, further modernized the harbor, and built naval installations on the lakeshore. German military forces occupied the port early in World War II. On May 7, 1943, Allied troops captured Bizerte.

With its lagoons, wildlife, beaches and sunshine, Bizerte is exotic and offering diversified activities . 

Although it is industrial centre, the old town along a picturesque canal remains untouched by the bustling major port.  

Bizerte is known for its beautiful beaches. Visitors can relax at Sidi Salem, a wide sandy beach framed by gardens.

Other beautiful beaches include La Grotte, Rasenjela and Al Rimel, with white sand. 

Al Rimel is a beach with a very big ship who doesnt move at all and it is very old.

Holiday travelers will feel as though they are on their own private beach.

Accessible by yacht or tender, Lac de Bizerte offers the latest exciting water sports.

Medina (Old Town)
Bizertes Arab Medina wraps around the picturesque Vieux Port area and is a bustling hub of traditional craft work. Within its winding labyrinth of narrow alleys and souks are the workshops of metalworkers and carpenters, and the stores of butchers and grocers. 

Fort dEspagne in Bizerte.

The city is pretty, especially the area around the old port, and underrated, thus escaping the sights of tourists. 

Northeast of the Kasbah, are the remains of the Fort dEspagne flanked by an old cemetery. Ottoman pirate Eudj Ali built it between 1570 and 1573, during Bizertes pirate days. It was constructed to protect against Spanish attacks. From the terrace there is panoramic view of the Medina and Old Harbour.